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Engine and drivetrain

Axels & Transfer cases
Roller Chain Drive Systems, CVT drives
Exhaust silencers, tubing & flex-pipes
Emissions solutions
Exhaust blankets
CAC and air intake hoses
Fuel and cooling hoses
Hose clamps
Air filtration
Transmission controls
Park brake controls and cables
Fluid level indicators & fill tubes

Work, driving, and interior lights
Engine instrumentation
CAN modules, LCD displays
Hand and foot throttle controls
Rocker pedals, horns and relays
Wire harnesses and cable assemblies
Inverters and converters
Rotary, temperature and pressure sensors
Slip rings, Switch panels
Power distribution systems
Wireless remotes, Telematics
Cab and Chassis
HVAC systems, ducts and louvers
Windshield wipers and washers
Gas springs
Control linkages
Floor mats
Seals and trim
Custom molded urethane
Rotationally molded plastics
Machined castings and forgings
Stabilizers, fabrications
weldments, machining

Custom cylinders
Hydraulic swivels
Custom manifold valves
Control packages
Valve controls and cables
Oil coolers
Power packs
Fire hose and couplings
We can provide custom solutions for your applications, contact us for details